VIDEO: Containerized Mainframe code with Dapr, OpenTelemetry, Datadog and GKE

Published: Jan 13, 2023 by Isaac Johnson

After a great conversation with Diagrid I was asked to speak about containerizing Mainframe Code (COBOL) and using to orchestrate in Kubernetes.

In this month’s Dapr Community Call I covered using the Calculator micro-service based app and replacing the Go-based Adder with a COBOL based one.

Live Call Recording

You can watch Dapr Community Call #75 here where I present in the first 20m of the call.

Local Rehersal

I recorded a 20m version of the same talk ahead of time as well. Note: the audio was a bit compressed due to a settings issue.


COBOL Dapr Kubernetes Datadog

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Isaac Johnson

Isaac Johnson

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Isaac is a CSA and DevOps engineer who focuses on cloud migrations and devops processes. He also is a dad to three wonderful daughters (hence the references to Princess King sprinkled throughout the blog).

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